XTZ 99.36: A Review: UK First!

Just wanted to say a big thanks to early adopters here for their effort in bringing these speakers to our attention. If it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't have even tried. :smashin:

I've had 3 x 99.25s accross the front and having lived with them for a few months I feel confident now to come forward and admit that these speakers really do deserve the praise they get.

They seem well matched for my newly carpeted room. I've settled on -2db as this appears to work best with my Arcam AV9 processor and Rotel 1075 amps. Partenred with the SVS 20-39, I really can't imagine anything missing when listening to music and movies, well apart for some XTZ surrounds that is (when we getting them Rikard?:D) but in the meantime my trusty old Mission M5DS are doing the job just fine.

So yep, overall a very happy customer here. We really need an owners thread for these fine speakers!!

Thanks for the kind words! :)

Happy customers really is the best thing about this job!

The rears are actually finally moving, I´ve seen the pre-production samples. We are going to tune them and measure everything and "finalize" them, then they´re off for production.

Wow, that sounds promising. :) Any further info on drivers and compnents used (assuming they'll be same as the 99.25s)? Also given our love for all things AV it would be ideal if they have a tri-pole design (adjustable between mono and bi)?

I know I've said this before to you Rikard, but I must reiterate, having 3 identical speakers accross the front, all run via identical DACs and amplification has done wonders for the front soundstage. The sound is truly jawdropping and they really do need to be heard to be believed! Those so called 'matching' centres are now a distant memory.

In fact had some relatives over who only wanted a demo so I put Transformers HD DVD on for them, before you know it my room was packed by about 30 family members of all ages (extended family don't ask!) and they ended up watching the entire film, wish I'd taken picture of the expression on their faces! Haha, it was fun. I could only imagine how this would sound when all 5 speakers are near identical and share the same DACs and amplification. As it happens I've got two spare channels just begging to be used with surrounds for bi-amping!! ;)

Oh, I too wish you would have taken some photos of all that people dropping their jaws! :D

I guess we cant´t really get any better promotion than that...

Funny you mention the center issue. One of the reasons we have not developed a traditional center using two midranges on each side of the tweeter is that such a construction is bound to introduce phase errors in all listening positions other than dead ahead of the speaker. The solution with a regular speaker in a vertical config eliminates this problem, besides it matches much better tonally.

Our upcoming rears is a very simple construction, so perhaps I´m about to let you down as they are not dipoles. We have attempted to keep the cost down but maintain the looks of the 99-series and a decent performance. Cannot tell much about the drivers yet as it´s not 100% decided. The goal is simply to fill the hole in the product lineup and offer decent rears, rather than breaking new ground. But they will of course match the 99-series tonally and aestetically.

Hi, i'm sorry if this has been asked before. But how can you be sure that monitor audio platinum use a fountek neo cd 3.0? On soundstage review they say that monitor audio uses a proprietary tweeter.
Ok ^^. Just wanted a confirmation.
So, it's the neocd 3.0 and not the jp 3.0?
Hi Rikard,

I just thought I would let you know I finally tried running the 99.36/26 on my Cinepro amp in Bridged mode and they work a treat :smashin:

I am really happy with these speakers.

Oh, good to hear! :)

That amp is a complete monster! I had a quick look at the specs.....:eek:

Good bandwidth, excellent S/N and extreme power capabilities. Honestly, I would like to see the speakers that really use all of that current output....one thing that they haven´t specified is the slew rate. I reckon it´s good though looking at the 175 kHz bandwidth....


Hi Rikard,

I just thought I would let you know I finally tried running the 99.36/26 on my Cinepro amp in Bridged mode and they work a treat :smashin:

I am really happy with these speakers.


may I ask how bridging of the 99.36 fared over time. I own a pair myself and is tempted to do the same with two class d amps

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