XTZ 99.25's & DSP-Z7


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Most likely a silly question, apologies I'm on a learning curve here

I'm planning to match a pair of 99.25's with a Z7, as I only plan on a 2.1 set-up to start with will I be able set the Z7 up to power the 99.25's with more than one channel per speaker?

My end-goal is a 5.1 set-up and the Z7 will cater for 7.2 I think so I'm hoping this means i've got some grunt in reserve.



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A Z7 will have no trouble in powering the 99.25s and they certainly won't complain about having four channels of very capable amplification dedicated to powering them. As to whether bi-amping from a receiver will make a massive difference; Well, it certainly isn't going to make things worse, so why not?

As to whether the pairing is a match made in heaven? Well, only your ears can decide, but with the room/response tuning features the 99.25s have, then there's a good chance you'll find a balance you like. That's no guarantee, but combined with the fact you want to run a sub as part of the setup, then you will have a very flexible setup to tune to your tastes.

Just don't expect instant results. With the possibilities on offer, it will take some experimentation.



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Thanks Russ, really appreciate your pearls of wisdom.:thumbsup:

I'm more than happy to tweak away, all part of the fun. I'm learning loads from this forum, just hope I can make the leap from theory to practical when all the kit turns up. :rolleyes:

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