XTZ 99.25: A Review. UK First MkII.


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I also agree about identical fronts, the only reason not to is because of economics or placement issues with a large centre. Power however ideally should the same across the front soundstage and if you can accommadate this then your in for a real treat.
I could never get the l,r to timbre match with the centre when doing sound tests, even with same brand and series front end, but I could when I owned m&k s150s lcr.

For the money the 99.36 is a lot of speaker compared to other brands and the the 99.25 does a fine job as a centre but 3 99.36 would be even better.
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Thanks Zunglam for reconfirming importance of having identical LCRs.
I hope my Yamaha-DSP-Z9 power of 170W/ch/RMS is sufficient to drive the 99.36s without clipping/distortions.
Also, i noticed that most users on this thread using BK subs and not XTZs. I wonder why?


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There is a love affair on these forums with Bk subs, a mixture of bang for buck in the subwoofer market and the fact that they are made in the uk. I myself have not tried the xtz subwoofer either, so cannot comment on the xtz sub.


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Also, i noticed that most users on this thread using BK subs and not XTZs. I wonder why?
Well I am using two 12” XTZ subs connected to a DSP and they are running with a pair of 99.26 MKII on Atacama HMS 1.1 500mm stands and a 99.25 MKII centre, the subs are very powerful and according to REW in my room they go all the way down to 10Hz,:thumbsup: but when playing them loud the drive units they hardly move so all the power I need, but saying that my room is only 5x4 metres big.:laugh:


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Forgot to mention I also had three 99.25s at one stage across the fronts and this also had a perfect timbre matching sound when running sound tests.

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