XTZ 4 + 8. What would be the 'equivalent' Monitor Audio silver range?


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My wife is complaining black XTZ speakers - although she wanted black! We have a pair of walnut Monitor Audio bronze for which she is happy with.

But of the current MA range what size speakers would I need to get at least a similar sound, in clarity ect. Would it be the MA silver 50's? Which center speaker? C150 / c350?

I love the xtz especially the center speaker, shame they do not do walnut!
Thanks for the help.


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Is it the xtz spirit range you have ?
If so silver 50 would be the equivalent size speaker, which is paired with the c150.

You will notice a good upgrade going from the spirit range to monitor audio silver. And the outgoing range can be bought with quite good discounts at the moment.

If you wanted to go all out you could get larger models from the range, the c350 centre is 3 way and can be found heavily discounted. The larger drivers and 3 way design make it even better than the c150. It can be used with the 50 bookshelves , but a closer match would be the larger silver 100 or silver 300.

Either way you can't go wrong , I have the c150 and have been impressed by it.
It's worth audition them if you can, but if you liked the bronze range. You will be very pleased with the silver range.


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@Bronze458 , thanks for that, yeah its the spirit range. I'm concerned the c150 would be a step down from the spirit 8 (closer to the spirit 6?)
Not sure if my budget would get to c350, not sure even if I like the styling so much.


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The spirit 8 has larger drivers and cabinet than c150. So I get what you mean, generally larger cabinet and drivers can have more presence.
Silver range in theory should have better drivers / crossover, so you may get more detail from them though. Spirit range seems to be competing with MA bronze range.
It's a difficult one really, so would be best to audition them to see how they compare.

C350 is exceptional value for what you get, but looks are a bit of an acquired taste. I would have struggled to accommodate it with my current layout, so went for the smaller matching center c150

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