XTE 2005 Master plate problems


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Hi, I'm hoping someone who knows a lot about BT phone sockets will be able to help me out here. I live on the first floor of a house that was converted into two flats. I have one BT socket, and it is split in to two sections - the bottom half is where I can plug my phone in, the top half is blank. I thought this was my master socket and I was safe to buy an XTE2005 faceplate and replace the bottom half.

When I removed the bottom half, there were no exposed wires for me to use. I had a peek in the master socket and I discovered my BT socket looks like this:


Except a slightly different colour, but that's the closest image I've found.

Now, the trouble is, I only have two wires connected in my socket. From the wall, there is an orange one connected to one of the two screws at the top of the image, and a white one to the other screw.

I don't have any wires connected to the 2,3,4 and 5 points.

The instructions for the XTE2005 all say to remove the wires from the old 2,3,4, and 5 points and attach them to the XTE2005.

I also have two unused wires: one green and one black.

Is there any way I can fit the XTE 2005 to my socket?

I'm new here so please give me a hand if you can and forgive any mistakes I've made.


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Nothing wrong there. You just have a master socket with no extension wiring. Just replace the top half and don't worry about the lack of wiring as the line is under the screw terminals


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Oh cool, I wondered if that was a possibility - seemed too simple! I'll give it a go and confirm if it works or not.


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Only problem is your not going to gain anything by fitting the new faceplate as there are no extensions on the line. Unless your original filter was faulty of course.


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Yep, correct on both accounts I think. It seems to have worked, but isn't noticeably faster. Still a bit neater though, so I'm happy.

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