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    Hi, my tosh started having another problem
    I have the decoder connected in AV2 with RGB, and the TV connected with AV1 always with RGB on.
    the TV is connected with the aerial antenna.
    Everything was allright. But yesterday (after I have disconnected and reconnected all cables, but exactly how they were) it started having problems: I can see the aerial channels only with SAT.MON on or with the tosh on (or with AV1 output in VIDEO mode and not RGB mode. But my TV does accept RGB signal, infact with SAT.MON on the signal I see is RGB). If I turn off the tosh and SAT.MON off, I see the screenTV all black, in every channel, not only in AV channel.
    I am sure that before yesterday I can see the TV normally.
    what has happened?
    What can I do to see my TV in the usual way??


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