XRocker Sound Controls Distorted/Broken


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I have a Pyramat XRocker Gaming Chair which connects via an Audio Cable to my HTPC. It has an Audio In, Audio Out and Headphone Socket. It has a volume control and a bass control as well as a 12 DC Input.

Its been working fine but when I set it up today it appears to be broken. The Bass control seems to be working but when turning the volume control the sound comes on but turning the knob does not increase the volume, in fact at one point it make the sound quieter.

Does anyone reckon that this can be fixed? Maybe its just the potentiometer that's knackered?

I can solder and have built small analogue circuits before but can only follow diagrams / instructions, I have very little theory knowledge of electronics, insufficient for fault finding something like this.

Many thanks if you can help. :rolleyes:


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OK seems I found the problem, I took the control panel out had a look to make sure nothing was visually broken then put it back together. As a quick test I plugged in a different sound source (my HTC Desire HD) and the Rocker Rocked!!!

I then tested the PC and same problem however it only seemed to be a problem with Windows 7 (I have a dual boot XP/7 system) as in Windows XP it worked fine.

After much playing around with all of the settings in the Realtek Sound manager I muted the Front Mic Playback and hey presto the Rocker once again Rocked again!!!!

It seems that with the Front Mic Playback on it messes up the sound input, the volume control will not increase the volume and turning it up just increases the bass but the bass control does nothing.

Oh Well at least the X Rocker aint broken.

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