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Xploder making dedicated PS2 Scaler/Deinterlacer


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Xploder, who generally make devices that let you cheat in video games are announcing what looks like a dedicated video processor for PS2s.


Not a bad idea because the PS2 looks awful on most LCDs, but I wonder :

1. How much it will cost
2. What sort of latency it will introduce
3. What type of deinterlacing will be used
4. If it will handle the few progressive scan PS2 games.

I've tried older de-interlacers like the iScan Pro and most action games are unplayable.

Anyone know anything more about this?


Previously Liam @ Prog AV
I'll bet dollars to donuts they've done nothing special to the deinterlacing to make it specifically console friendly. The first line is the big giveaway as to who this is aimed at:
Why spend 600 quid PS3 when you can pump out HD-resolution pictures from your old PS2 for a fraction of the price
You'd have to be an idiot to think this will make a PS2 anywhere near a PS3, but I bet they still sell by the bucketload!!! Would be nice to be wrong on this one, but I really doubt it :(

Also, everything looks crap on an LCD!! Better deinterlacing and scaling isn't gonna help a great deal I'm afraid. Response times of the LCD itself and the fact it is a backlit technology means the damage is already done before you can try and process it out!


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I'd be pretty suprised if the PS2 had the horspower to render at 720p. Lots of games slow to a crawl at 576i.

I think it has to be post-render scaling which suggests an external box to me.

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