Xperia Play..worth the buy???


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Hi there!

I currently have the wonderful HTC Desire S. and since having the phone for nearly 9 months i only had 2 updates for it. at the moment it's on Android 2.3.5 which improves upon the main home screen+lock screen, slight battery improvements and not a lot really.

I'm planning on selling it in favour of the Xperia Play. but, is it worth the plunge? well, let me tell my worries:

1. slightly underpowered GPU & processor; a single core 1.2Ghz with 768MB RAM phone might be better and faster than current-gen Play. (if specs were our priority)

2. not a lot of exclusive/optimised Play games

3. flip-out mechanism will be prone to dusts, damage or loosening of joints (from constant use)

4. based on reviews the call ringer is slightly softer than other phones out there

5. glass is not scratch-resistant

6. non-swappable card slots (i.e. microSD and SIM card)

7. stuck to 2.3.5 forever?

8. battery life not-so great and easily drains when playing games more often

please tell me the the Play is the one for casual mobile gamers like me. 9and one that is alos good for watching movies and the usual SNS stuff, etc.)

but i could be wrong. i only saw the phone once on the Carphone Warehouse and videos on Youtube. and some reviews.

please help....

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1. The Play is extremely optimised, and holds it's own against supposed more powerful handsets.
2. Ton's of games are Play optimised, I think I have at least 23 on my phone which are, most of the popular ones are.
3. I've had mine for a few months, and it's not loose, and there is a decent gap between slider and screen, so dust isn't an issue.
4. I'd say those "reviews" are talking rubbish, it's probably one of the loudest handsets out there, with Sony's "Xloud" feature.
5. The Glass is scratch resistant, but the vinyl shatter guard that comes factory installed(don't confuse it with a screen protector), is not, but can be removed, and a screen protector put on(one is included).
6. You do have to remove the backplate to access the sim/microSD slot.
7. Update to ICS is planned in the next couple of months.
8. Battery life is fine, it holds it's own when gaming.

for gaming/gamers, it would be the phone to buy, and it also does phone stuff well.


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Had an Xperia Neo a few months back and even if on Xloud turned on the ringer volume wasn't still that adequate if say your on a bus or a train.

also, i want to ask about the music player. i know most Android phones have rubbish player in them (aside from maybe the nones with Dolby Mobile). how is the music player features, playability and equalizers? can i also ask you if you have downloaded any good alternative music player on it?


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bought the son one for xmas and for game playing its excellent
it doesnt feel as quick to use as my desire hd but its a lot cheaper to buy so i dont have an issue with that side of it, its very good at what it does with a good clear screen
time will tell how robust the slide opening will be


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The music player on it, I assume is the standard one, maybe Sony altered, but I used the Walkman one/widget on xda, and installed the megabass tweak, which works with either dj headphones, or seperate in ear ones, you don't really notice the difference with the in-pack Sony ones.

Sounds fine to me, loud, bassy, just what the doctor ordered.

I tend to just select music, press play, and that's it.
Of course you can select tracks, FF, skip, etc.


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My issues:

1. sliding mechanism will eventually wear off

2. not so many optimised games for the Play

3. not so good music player. not into rooting or modding devices. i like it clear, clean & crisp. no Dolby or SRS.
Advantage: HTC, Nokia or LG


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1. I've had mine for a while, and no slider wear, it's got a good mechanism, and no reports of it on xda either, from reading.

2. more than you would think...around 180+ last time I checked, and even if they don't say, most usually work with the pad.

3. Who says it's not a good music player?..
You can install the walkman player/widget, which aren't a million miles away from the stock one,or add the megabass tweak, or at least use the equaliser.
Advantage HTC, nokia, or LG ......rubbish!

When you root it, which most people do, you can add the bravia engine, much improved visual quality in pictures and videos, tweak the touchscreen, to make it faster, and also utilise the GPU to do the visual part, rather than the cpu resulting in greater performance, and better battery.
Rooting is a one click process, and a 1 click unroot.

The Play is deliberately underspecced, as they want the Arc, et al to sell better, but it's a phone with identical or better perfomance when set up..the Play that is..

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