Xperia Play to replace HD2 and PSP Go


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I am the kind of guy who likes to carry as little technology as possible but still want access to it. I just ordered a Sony Xperia Play after seeing what it can do (particularly emulators such as GBA and N64). I have a HTC HD2 as well as a PSP GO. After playing all the big games on it I now find myself playing lots of retro stuff on it and use the phone mainly for music as well as the usual 'phone' stuff.
I realise it cannot run games like GOW and Metal Gear like the Go can but having seen Dead Space it looks very much like the iPad version so perhaps it has more 'grunt' than I might have thought.
Basically, has anyone had both and can tell me if the Play would be a suitable replacement for my HTC and PSP Go? Is battery life comparable etc?
Posted this in the PSP section as well as I didn't know which was more suitable. I still have time to cancel the phone but I am strangely excited about trying it out/rooting it etc.

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