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I generally record everything onto DVD-r using SP mode on my Panny E60. I've got some stuff on Sky+ that I want to archive but i'll need to go to LP or even EP mode to get it on one disc.

How much degradation of picture quality do you get by doing this, and will these discs still play on other players once finalized?


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How much degradation depends mostly on what machine you're using and ultimately what compression rate you actually select.

What the video looks like after being more highly compressed will depend a bit on the methods used, i.e. the software behind it. Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony, etc. will all have their own versions, although essentially trying to achieve the same result.

I have a JVC unit and SP gives a practically perfect recording. But for every day recording (watch-n-wipe) I tend to stick to LP, which gives a reasonable ~4 hours per disc, and is perfectly fine to watch - in my opinion.

I have recorded at EP and the result is a very soft image, but at least it eliminates the jaggies ;) and as long as you don't need to read anything on-screen then I can live with it if I'm ever low on free disc space or need to cram more on. I certainly wouldn't record at EP to keep though.

My suggestion is simply to try the different ratios and compare them. Judge for yourself which you think is and is not acceptable quality.

As for whether the discs will play on other players, I presume that they should. DVDs can come with varying bitrates and players should be able to cope with pretty much everything. The "standard" compression rates of SP/LP/EP should be well within range? (hopefully someone more qualified can back this up!)


If you archiving material use SP or XP only.Go over 2.5 hours and the picture is below par for a treasured recording.


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Use FR mode always when archiving. It will make sure the disc is filled for the length of the recording, thus maximising the bitrate and picture quality.


Try all 4 modes on a DVD-Ram disk and see for yourself. If it isn't XP or SP it's **** poor.

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