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Jul 13, 2000
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having got used to XP on my Laptop I have just purched XP OEM with a view to upgrading my win98 desktop machine.

Having installed XP I now have a duel boot system, with win 98 on drive C: and XP on drive D: I wasn't asked if I wanted a duel boot system and I wasnt given an option to upgrade.

I would like to upgrade over Win98 as this would save setting up many programmes under aa fresh XP install

Have I missed something or can any one offer a way of upgrading my win98 machine.
If you run XP setup from within win98 you'll be able to do what you want as long as you have XP Home. to be honest, a fresh install is strongly advised as the two OS differ so much. Upgrading will cause way too much hassle.
Thats how I installed XP Home OEM and ended up with W98 on my c drive & XP on my D drive
It's conceivable that the OEM version is 'slugged' not to allow in-situ updating, in the past M$ have played these games to force you to buy the full 'retail' version.

Also, as rct says, 'upgrading' a Win98 system in-situ is a recipe for endless frustration, you really, really ought to reconsider this. :)
Sometimes it's better to spend that extra time now as insurance over spending a lot of time later.

I ALWAYS advocate fresh installs, and NEVER upgrades. It just makes sense in the long run, especially when the two operating systems in question want to use totally different types of file structure.

Why not keep the dual -boot systems?

I have a couple of old games that cannot be forced to run with XP, and I like to test applications written in VB on one OS to check they work in the other.

If you re-install all your apps in XP, but always change the install directory to C:\Program Files, then you will not waste disc space by duplicating these folders which already exist from the win98 install.

I use HyperOS, and 6 versions of Windows using this technique with no problems at all, as long as all drives and partitions are FAT32
Thanks for the advice guys.

Just fdisk & formatted all disks & now installing on a clean system.

Big Al

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