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John Elsden

I am hoping to build a HCPC and was hoping to use Windows XP Media Center Edition, unless anyone has any better ideas. but I have never seen it advertised. Firms like Mesh and Evesham use it in their multimedia models but where can you buy it?


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XP MCE only comes on ready built PCs.

Probably to save Microsoft having to support lots of different hardware and standards.

The real idea of MCE is to make the PC a consumer product like a DVD player or a VCR and not have to worry. Of course there is actually XP Pro hiding in the background.


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Just a quick note:

Im thinking about doing the same thing and have come up against the same problem.

Ive just bought the latest edition on PC Format which has a load of programs on the coverdisk that it says will do the same jobs as Media Center is designed to do.

John Elsden

Thanks for that information mrmcdean I'll look out for the copy in the shops. A programme mentioned in this forum is Showshifter but I'm not sure about the compatability with all video cards.

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