XP gurus: Workgroup Access Permissions error


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Afternoon all :hiya:

Could anyone throw any light onto a confusing error I am encountering. I have just added a new PC (XP Pro) to our office network and it immediately picked up the shared volumes on other machines, but I cannot "see" the other machines or browse the Workgroup servers list.

Consequently I cannot locate the shared printer or map a drive I need to onto the new PC. When I click on view workgroup computers, it eventually responds with an error that says "you may not have access permissions to view the workgroup please contact your adminstrator" etc. I have checked that it's in the same workgroup and it is, and I can ping the other machines.

The user login is in the administrator group so full capabilities etc so what obvious thing have I overlooked?

Don't know if its relevant but I don't seem to have a Network Neighborhood icon on my desktop either; I have to go to My Network places to locate the volumes I can see?

Hopefully someone can help - thanks for looking. :smashin:



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OK, got the machine seeing the other printer and PCs now - it was a typo in the subnet area of the IP addy. :suicide:

BUT when I try to print a document to the shared printer it comes back with:

A StartPrintDoc call was not issued

Any ideas anyone?



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