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XMCC are going to be making the servers private soon, but only once they have 1000 people interested. when 1000 people have signed up, there will be a total of 32 servers running. a extra server will be added for the next 30 people who sign up after that. The cost will be £10 a month but until then..........

Ok Gamers, it's the end of the beginning. Until we get the new Community running Bytel commit to keeping the current FREE Dedicated XBOX servers running. There is no money for full time Moderators until then though and we are all fed up with Team Killers and ****heads.
It is time to put together the initial members list. 100 people who will go on the current friends lists of these servers. The *majority* of the slots will then become Friends.
Only add yourself to the list if you *might* actually join the forthcoming Private Community someday, your finances allowing!

Northerner, time to email the old XMCC registration list I think.

If the numbers are overwhelming we will try and get 1 or 2 more servers up and running with extended Friends lists.

Fallen and Northerner will vet this members list.

* Post briefly in this thread if you want to be included.
* Contact everyone you know who should know and get them here.

# DO NOT post anything if you do not want to be included.
# DO NOT post any off topic posts or general ****e.
If you do you will be excluded from membership, public access and I will kill your pet horse.

Think it will be well worth it.


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£10 a month you have got to be :censored: joking ok sometimes you get a good game on the servers but 2 many ****s for my liking

would rather play with ****s without being £10 lite in the wallet:p

so typhoon you can pay me £10 to go on my server:thumbsup:


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they can stick there servers up their arses.

£10 a month,having a laugh mate....


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What is XMCC?


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Xmcc is a group of people who have dedicted servers specially set up for XBOX LIVE they are based in Ireland
these servers are vitually lag free and hold 16 players
but also you get a lot of idiots on here team killing and such this is why they want to close the servers to members only or friends of members

They also run their own competions clan matches etc
and host a wide variety of games to fiind them you will need
to do an optisearch on dedicated servers

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