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I have spent much time trawling forums and using search engines in an attempt to come to a conclusion regarding my setup, my requirement is slightly unique since I do not want to set up a dedicated Linux based HTPC next to my TV.

I have an HP ML110 G6 Proliant Server which is used for home, business and media purposes. Windows 7 Pro 32 bit is my operating system.

My Samung TV is currently around 8 meters from the computer. (18 meters of cabeling from PC into roof, across the next room and down to the TV) It supports DLNA and is currently connected via CAT 5 cable to my router allowing me to play media content directly off my PC HDD.

My question is, (and please excuse my lack of understanding) can XBMC play content (and be controlled) through my DLNA network or do I need to purchase an IR Remote and find a 20m long HDMI cable? I have an Android based Galaxy S phone with remote installed for what it's worth.
Secondly, if I use an HDMI splitter between PC and monitor, will there be any signal degradation when the signal is split in two?

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.


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As I understand it, you want to install XBMC on your Proliant. If you want to use the XBMC interface, you would need to output it via video cable e.g. VGA (+audio) or HDMI (presumably by a low profile GPU card?) from the Proliant to the TV. Otherwise, stick with the Proliant as a server and use the TV interface. There is a lengthy thread on the Proliant that should have information on the latest 1080p graphics cards etc to use.

In theory there should not be any degradation if using an HDMI splitter. However, using a splitter + 20m HDMI cable could run into problems as HDMI was never designed to be run over long distances. Some people have no problems running HDMI over 20m but there are no guarantees as there are just too many variables. You would be better off using a cat5/cat6 balun setup. The cables forum will have more information on these setups. Obviously this would enable you to use XBMC. LINK

There is also a dedicated thread on XBMC HERE and a thread on configuring and using the Proliant HERE

Edit, I know you said you didn't want a linux HCPC under the TV but what about a jailbroken Apple TV? £99 and they can run XBMC. There is a thread in the Apple TV forum.
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Thanks Davepuma for the response.

My Proliant is running a NVIDIA GeForce GT220 card. Output is DVI. (to HDMI)

In reference to paragraph two I found this: https://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?t=108933&page=2
Essentially a forum discussing XBMC over DLNA using some slightly modified code as I understand it with fairly simple iplementation.

I see apple TV is available in our country albeit at around £120, definitely an option to think on.

Thanks for all the links, greatly appreciated.

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