Xmas new joys...

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Merry Xmas all,

Its rounding to that time of the year when everyone has nearly done their xmas shopping... (well still 3days left for the die hard risk taker).

So just wondering what new AV gear people purchased for the festive season.

No upgrades for me atm :(... will be in the new year though :). Took home an Arcam rCube for the wifey though... nice piece of kit.


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Hehe, I love buying new hardware. Am waiting for the new year too but doing a big upgrade, getting the Panasonic AT5000 projector and the Pioneer LX85 amp to drive my Monitor Audio Silver speakers. Can't wait! Am resisting watching any blu-rays until I get this new set. Am using my superbly reliably Sanyo z4 projector, it's got 3,800 hours on the bulb and it's STILL going fine!


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I'm getting some new (secondhand) cardboard boxes to keep all my unused interconnectors in. :arty:

I assume this is what is under the tree someone has planted in my sisters lounge, but can't be certain? :confused: Damned wrapping paper!!! :mad:
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Got myself a Pioneer LX85 on Saturday just gone :thumbsup:
Not given it a full workout yet though, still playing but what I have heard so far is superb

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Bravogolf you have the rambo of projector lamps :). Dante donate your Interconnects to the lonely amps charity... they need pairing up... love it >.<.

LX85 happy days all round mAxwell :).
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The Musical Fidelity X-A2

The surround sound - Pioneer VSX-2021

Speakers for the surround, I got 4 of these B&W M-1 plus stands

plus a BK XXLS400 sub that is on its way.

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I like :) what camera you using btw?

Nice choice with the 2021k great piece of kit. Not had a chance to listen to the Musical Fidelity X-A2... whats your thoughts on that one?

BK XXLS400 forum favourite :). Need to get myself one of these for a listen... or a monolith that does look interesting... well not really its a big box... but the specs i mean!!

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