XLS200 - Down or side firing


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Am going to order an XLS200 shortly.. but dont know which one to go for due to the floor in my Lounge...

It is a suspended floor (chipboard) so not sure if I would get 'boom' with downfiring...

I have my floorstanders on marble chopping boards as I have been led to understand that this would tighten bass with this type of floor and wooden walls.. would appreciate any comments on that too...


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I'd say go for the front firer, it is small enough to hide away, so you shouldn't be too worried about looks. The wood finishes are lovely, and the BK is very well built. I wouldn't take the risk with your suspended floor, hence my advice on the front fire model :)


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I suspect the downward firer was produced for practical reasons ie aesthetic / kids and sharp implements etc. The fact that they produced the forward facer first possible says a lot, though by all accounts the sound of both units is the same. I went for the front firing, I kinda like the speaker pointing straight at me! It probably isn't as practical for use as a bread board, as one particularly amusing picture of the downward firer proved! :D

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I'm currently in the process of advising my brother of which sub to buy for his system, both for music and AV, and I'm also leaning towards the BK. Hence I'm in the same boat re. direction of the cone.

My own system is mainly used for music and I use a REL Strata 3 which is downward firing. The floor is suspended oak boards so I use a limestone plinth under the sub, placed on three michel alu cones. I've found this to work well and certainly an improvement over no plinth. This would suggest to me that a downward firing cone will be fine on a floating floor, given the addition of a decent plinth, as your experience with your main speakers would imply speedluvver.

Hence, as it currently stands I'd probably err towards the downward firing option, for practical and (second) visual reasons, although I intend to do some more research before making a final decision.


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Thanks guys.. appreciate your comments..

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