Xlobby: playing DVDs from HD: problems


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I'm having problems here playing DVD's on my hard drive with TT through Xlobby.

I've got my DVD's in my E:\DVD\ directory

These have been stripped to movie only with DVD shrink

I've entered the DVD path in the DVD tab under Xlobby:


and when i press the "load DVD's" button it loads all the dvd's okay.

Do i have to have something entered in the command line options box in Xlobby?
-with it empty TT starts but just comes back with the splash screen after pressing play.

I entered this in the command line options box:

and LOTR started okay after pressing play in TT but if i want to play another DVD do i have to enter a different path in the command line box everytime?



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No you dont need anything in the command line box. I'll check my other settings and come back to you.

I take it you have theatretek with the .56 patch installed and you can play ripped films by starting the video_ts.ifo?


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Thanks for replying.
I've just checked and i'm using version
Installed, rebooted and all is well.

Thanks John for pointing me in the right direction.




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Have you got Xlobby all sorted then?

Still trying to get some stereo trs to xlr cables to get the RME card working by then way.



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was going to suggest you use myHTPC, but you've sorted It now so nevermind :p


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Hi Nathan,

Yeah pretty sorted, bought a touchscreen tft the other week and its well cool.

If your thinking of trying it with a PPC stick to v39 not the newer v40 experimental as there are still some bugs but its nice to see it improving all the time, a few months and I think it will be equal or better than the lobby suite.

I'll give you a buzz next week and try and catch up, been real busy but I've a couple of evenings work in Maidstone next week so one afternoon perhaps...


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sorry to jump on this thread but I want to contact nfordenfield and seeing that he is ignoring my pm's and emails I've had to do this.

What is happening with my money for the kef speakers? Spectre has pm'ed you and you have ignored this and now I believe you have a trading ban for 6 months. Can you let me know exactly what you plan to do so I can make necessary arrangements. I will pop this message in other forums you visit in case you miss this one.

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