XL201 CRT TV and Region Free DVD Player



Hi all,

Been using the forums and found them a great help so though I would post my experience in setting up my XL201 to be region free and play through a standard s-video output. Note my solution was to buy additional kit and add it so it may not be acceptable for all but though I would write it down anyway.

After reading up on the forums it became clear that the DVD player in the Xl201 cannot be made region free either through flashing or the use of software. What I ended up doing was buying a Pioneer slot load DVD drive and replacing the existing on. Here’s the link for where I got it and the model:


This model comes in three version (PC, apple and Toshiba) so you need to make sure you get this one for standard PC’s. Arrived quickly (like within 3 days) with no added import tax to UK. Took old DVD drive out and dropped this one in and worked straight off the bat. You just need to make sure its sitting flat before tightening up the screws.

I then loaded in DVD43 as the software bypass and presto, a region free player.

The next steep was to buy a new card with an s-video out. Initially I picked up a PCI card so I could leave the existing one in place. This worked well for most things but not for TV where it locked up. I think it may not have had enough on board memory (was only 64).

The next card I grabbed was:


This is a low profile PCI express card with s-video out.

Uninstalled the existing card and dropped this on in and it works like a charm.

Anyway result is that my XL201 works for how I currently need it for a little more money. Once I manage to get a HD TV then I’ll change the card back.

May not be useful for everyone, but may be helpful for some.



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Excuse the maybe stupid question, but why did you need to get a new card with s-video out once you had the multi region drive in it?


Because currently I don’t have an HDTV, only a CRT so needed a standard s-video output to use the Xl201. The card was just the cheapest I could find. Once I buy a decent TV then I plan to drop the old card back in again. If you already had a HDTV then you wouldn't need to change the cards.

Though I would just put this in though as there have been a few posts from people wanting to hook the XL201 up to a CRT.

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