XL Pro app on iPhone 11 won't let the phone shut down or sleep?


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XL Pro app on iPhone 11 won't let the phone shut down or sleep, after I fly my SG908 drone with it?

Got an SG908 drone last month, been having moderate fun with it. I use the XL Pro app on my iPhone to receive video etc. from the drone, that works out to about 200-300 yards. I can control the drone out to 1/4 mile or so.

But the iPhone acts kind of weird after a flight. Once I land the drone, shut it down and shut down the controller, I shrink the XL Prop app to half size by dragging one edge, then flick it off the screen to shut down that app. Then I press the button on the right side of the phone to shut the phone down (actually to make it go to sleep)... and nothing happens. It stays lit up, all the apps showing, etc. I can start and run any of the apps (including XL Pro), shut them down etc.

But I can't turn off the phone or put it to sleep. Then maybe an hour or two later, suddenly I CAN use the button to turn it off or put it to sleep.

Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a way to fix it, so I can turn the phone off in the usual way?


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Why not uninstall the app and try the phone to see if it acts in the normal way. If it does ,re-install the app to try again. It may have been a corrupt install or a fault with the phone. One way to find out.


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The phone acts the normal way even when the app is installed.

It's only when you USE the app, shut it down, and then try to turn the phone off or put it to sleep, that the problem occurred.

Can't really test that when the app is not installed.

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