Xiaomi UST 4K projector auto-off setting


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My Xiaomi ultra-short throw 4K projector seems to have a half-assed auto-off option that turns the projector completely off after a few minutes of inactivity the very first time it is powered on. However, if I switch it off using the remote once, then any time thereafter turn it on again using the remote, it doesn’t automatically shut off no matter how long it’s idle, instead after a configurable period of time, it switches to screensaver mode and then after some much longer period of time (not sure if/how that time is set), it switches to a mode where the device is still on with the usual low hiss and you can see the bulb dimly on if you look carefully, but there is nothing (not even a screensaver) projecting on the wall.

Is there a way to make it automatically fully shut off (like you can manually with the remote) after a period of inactivity? With its current half-assed post-screensaver sleep behavior, I sometimes doze off with the thing on all night because it’s easy to forget that it’s on, but I worry that the bulb still being on despite no video projection will eat into the bulb’s lifespan.

It clearly has an auto complete shutoff mechanism because that consistently works the first time it’s hard-powered, but I can’t seem to find a way to enable that option as a default every time it’s turned back on with the remote.

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