Xiaomi Mi Ultra Short 5000 ANSI Lumens Laser Projector


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no 2 gb is enough. Format it with Fat32 and copy files in its root dir using a pc (mac could give problems)


somebody can tell me, what fans exactly are getting used in the 4k version of the xiamo laser projektor? (the black one). I cant find any information online about the 4k one :(


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Hi all..

I have the 1080P version model MJJGYY02FM that appeared to have on OTA update.

the problem is that ota didn’t really do anything but make image quality worse.
im now getting random dimming of the entire screen ..like flash dimming low back to normal.

is anyone else experiencing this?

any suggestions on how I can troubleshoot/ fix?

thank you.


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Its possible to install an apk without root the xiaomi laser?
I installed Amazon prime and Xiaomi Mi Projector & Tv Tools but i dont see them on android tv

Anyone have a solution ?

Anyone can see nvidia geforce now on play store?


I am sorry if this is a repeat, since there are 128 pages..

I have a unit which is 1.5 years old now, and last week the unit powered on but is stuck on the black screen with white "mi" logo in the middle of the screen.
The white LED at the front is blinking.

When I try powering on while holding back button and home button the remote, I get the same screen but the white LED is not blinking but constant on.

Please let me know if there is a known fix or diagnosis for this issue.


Hallelujah! We have a fix & Jeff Buckley is singing it to me and I can see he's singing it to me on my A/V receiver projecting on my screen .... Phew!!
So Xiaomi have come back to me with a fix that I'm about to paste below. Before I do let me share my experience.

I executed the steps the first time, the projector went into update, rebooted, told me that I had the USB device connected I'd used to trigger the update and asked if I'd like to use as storage or exit. I chose exit. Ran the setup, went to HDMI and .... oh sh!t it didn't work ... same problem ... bummer! Was half way through emailing support again when I thought what if it's that darn USB connection. Ran the update again but this time as the projector rebooted I removed the USB drive. Hallelujah .... the projector went straight into setup and once done I was able to see all my beautiful HDMI devices again

Hi which xiaomi support did you contact please?


Hello everyone, My frien bought for Christmas one MJJGYY02FM projector. Unfortunately never start it. The projector & the remote didn't can pairing. I press the butom, but dont happend nothing in the screen. I tried to connectin via USB, UTP but don' see the computer. I think stuck in the bootloader.
The MI C.S. sent me to the seller, he wrote me press the butoms... Maybe one flashboot, or TWRP, system recovery can to help but I don't know how to connct to the device. I run out all ideas, anybody can to help me? THX: MIke


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I finally changed all 3 fans to NoisBlockers M8-S3. Top things:

- overall noise seriously decreased, most annoying vibration noise which came from hard contact between fans and chassis completely gone.
NoiseBlocker fans have rubber edges which removes all vibrations coming from the fan. So only natural air noise left.

- when the chassis is opened - I can barely hear the noise. But when I close the chassis - the noise increasing 3-5x. Lots of noise come from the chassis grills when air goes through them. If you'd like to decrease the noise further - need to replace the existing grills with metallic grills. I will probably do it.

- You will 100% lose warranty during fans replacements.

- For all who care about the projector noise - fans replacement is 100% recommended.

p.s. I didn't have time to write detailed post, hope to find 30 mins near future to share photos and important details of the process.

The bottom black part is a rubber ribbon. Can be removed but I left it there.
Hey man, did you ever find time to document some kind of guide on how you replaced the fans? I'm very interested in trying this myself ;)


Hello everyone! I just got that projector last night as a gift (bought from Walmart)! Really impressed with the picture quality (and size) compared to my basic TV (Vizio P-Series 65").

However I'm a little bit surprised by one thing. I hooked the projector to an AppleTV which offered to enabled HDR. Once I did, the image felt blurry/not great compared to the default settings. Do you know if this is expected and if I should avoid that mode? Or is there something specific to do to configure the image better?

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