Xiaomi and yeelight on Google home - double or nothing


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I've slowly been building more and more smart lighting in to our home and yesterday decided to pick up a few new lights from Xiaomi.

Light wise we are now running:
3x yeelight led strips
1 yeelight colour bulb
2 xiami white smart bulbs
1 grid connect smart bulb

All was going well until yesterday when I added the Xiaomi stuff in to the mix that's created a weird overlap between the systems. So the Xiaomi bulbs only work in the Xiaomi home app, but this uses the same account as the yeelights, so logging in to the xiaomi app I can see all the lights. But in the yeelight app I can't see the 2 Xiaomi bulbs. No problem I'll just use the Xiaomi app, but for some reason the yeelight bulb won't pull in to Google home from this app, but the light strips however do pull through.

So this leaves me with an issue in Google home, syncing one account leaves with lights missing, synching both accounts all the led strips are now doubled up. I've relinked both accounts a few times, tried resetting the yeelight to factory settings and setting it up directly in the Xiaomi app but to no avail. Only solution I can think of is making a second xiami account to separate the problem bulbs film the rest but obviously would rather keep them in one place if possible.

Curious if anyone else has had similar issues or has any ideas on how I could make sure I can see all the lights and all of them just once in Google home.


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No idea but what I will say, with my years of expeience of google homes and google assistant, is that I've had few similar weird issues with devices not appearing to link correctly.

What I tend to find happens to me is I'll spemd a while faffing, relinking and trying various things, get frustrated and decide to leave it, the next day I'll often find it's resolved itself or a simple request to sync devices will work. Sometimes it just seems to tsake some time for some changes to filter through correctly.


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Yeah I've had some weird things happen, just strange that yeelights show in the xiaomi app but the mi bulbs don't go the other way. If it really doesn't work I ended up getting a triple pack of the mi bulbs so I can just use the spare in place of the yeelight and wait until we buy something to put that in in a few months when we have a bit more space to light.

K did try a couple of resyncs and nothing, I'll give it a day or so and if it still doesn't work temporarily just make the swap of the bulbs.


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Spamming my own thread but if anyone else falls down this rabbit hole it might be a useful update. I've also found the light strips when linked to Google via the mi home route refuse to let me change colour with the assistant, whilst using the yeelight account it's absolutely fine. For now I've just reset the Xiaomi bulbs on to a brand new account on a different email address and linked them separately to Google that way. Now seeing them all just once and all their functions work fine.

It's a half baked integration between the two, they share the same account details but are slightly different firmware on the lights themselves. Wouldn't be an issue if they just didn't show up or worked properly, but half baking it like this is a mess.

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