XH92 setup for PC


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Hi everyone,

I picked up a great deal on a refurbed XH92 a few months ago. Only getting around to sorting it out now in my music/games room.

My PC is currently running a 3060TI and I've it connected to the XH92 via a DISPLAY PORT/HDMI cable. Is this the best way or should I just use HDMI?

Also, at 4k my refresh rate was 30!! I upped it to 60 but no option for anything higher. I have it plugged in port 4 with enhanced port turned on. The only time I could see 120 refresh rate was when I set the resolution to 1080p!!!!

Is this all down to the cable - I'd love to get 4k 120hz running (or even 1440p and 120hz) but I'm stuck at the minute.

I appreciate any help, cheers.


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Probably need to HDMI to HDMI. Both ends will need to be HDMI 2.1 as well. IS the TV on the latest firmware and also have you set the HDMI format for the HDMI input you are connecting to on the TV to Enhanced, 4K 120hz mode?


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Yes mate, enhanced mode and updated - yeah I definitely think I need to get myself a 2.1 hdmi. Thanks for replying.

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