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XH9005, Q80, Q85 or Q90


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Hi there,

Thanks for any input.

Apologies if repeating a million other threads

In the market for a 65" TV. Usage is around 60 percent gaming, 20 sport, 20 movies. 2.1 features a must.

Budget of around £1800 which I'm hoping by Black Friday will stretch to the Q90 if it were justified.

Before I settle on this I've read a few other users views that the much cheaper XH9005 holds up to at least the Q80 but surely there's a reason this set costs more?

What are the main differences in the Q80 to the Q85 and Q90 is it just a better HDR image?

Any input appreciated mainly why I shouldn't consider the much cheaper XH9005 compared to the Samsung's mentioned.



What are the main differences in the Q80 to the Q85 and Q90 is it just a better HDR image?
Q80T is the standard model, more basic local dimming. No wide viewing angle/anti glare filter.
Q85T is more similar to the North American Q80T in Europe. It performs slightly better than the Q80T but comes with a wide viewing angle/anti glare filter.
Q90T is a better HDR TV than the others. It can get brighter and has better local dimming.

In Europe the XH9005 is close to in spec to the Q80T, although the Samsung has measured around 200 nits brighter in local tests.

The XH9005 shouldn't really be considered a true HDR TV. Yes 800 nits is better than 300-400 of many TVs, but its still not a good baseline if you wish to enjoy HDR without the image at times being to dark.

A good baseline for an LCD TV when it comes to peak brightness and HDR is around 1000 nits. Whereas 1500 nits is preferable. In other words, you really want to aim for the Samsung Q90T or Sony XH9505 if shopping for an LCD TV.


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Thanks for your input Dodge much appreciated.

Settled on the Q90T.

Although I'm going to hold out till the last minute before the PS5 release in hope the price comes down to around £1800. At a push I'll wait a week later Black Friday.

Fingers crossed.

Thanks again.

Sloppy Bob

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I wouldn't be in too much of a rush to get a new TV for launch.

LG is having issues with HDMI 2.1 already and goodness knows what issues what manufacturers will have ones the new consoles are launched.

You'll end up being a very out of pocket beta tester, which if there are problems, could be very frustrating.

How many games are going to do 4K 120fps at launch? (Come to think of it, how many games are going to do 4K 120 fps full stop?)

Personally, I'd wait for the prices to drop and the technology is tested and working.

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