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Greetings everyone!

I have been a long time viewer of the website / forums, however this is my first time posting!

This is probably one of the most asked questions so I hope my question js slightly different to ither posts. I am in the market for two tv units, one for our living area where its quite bright and one in our dedication media room which can be viewed in mixed conditions. Both rooms have a sitting distance of about 3-3.5m away. Living area will be used exclusively for tv series and movies, whereas the media room will have a ps4 for the occasional fifa or fighting game with friends in addition to movies and tv series. Ideally my budget would not exceed €3,000 for both units but i can stretch it €100 or €200 if needed.

I was pretty much set on buying the XH9096 65" for our living area and either a 75" version of it or a 65" A8H for the other room.

I rechecked the prices today and saw that the xh95 has had a significant drop and now i'm skeptical on what to purchase. Prices are:

XH9096 65" €1,150
XH9505 65" €1,299

XH9096 75" €1,599
XH9505 75" €1,999
KD65A8 65" €1,999

I believe for €150 I should get the XH95 in the living area. Am i correct to assume the XH95 will offer a better expirience for series/movies?

The harder choice would be in the other room. Is the xh95 much better than the xh90 to justify the €400 difference for the screen size or would it be better to drop in size and get the oled? Alternatively i could stay on a 65" XH95 and with the leftover funds purchase an upgraded sound system.

Im a bit scared on the OLED burn in, but i always planned on getting one, however im not against staying on an LED.

Thanks for your input.


You may have read it already from your time browsing the forum, but there's little value now buying a TV that doesn't have proper HDR capabilities. The XH90 falls into that category since its brightness is not very high. Really the XH95 will be a lot better in that respect, despite only using HDMI 2.0 rather than 2.1 ports.

The thing to consider when deciding between 75" and 65" is just size versus quality. Do you want a higher quality smaller TV, or a lower quality larger TV? If comparing an OLED to LCD there's a massive difference in picture quality but perhaps you will prefer to have to control light less in your room, if that's the case you may be better with an LCD TV.

Has to be said, most people who say they have bright rooms do not actually have that bright rooms, and an OLED will be okay. It can depend on a lot of factors, even down to the content you watch on the TV.


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Hey man thanks for your input.

I have to agree with your comment about oled brightness. I was at the store now checking the picture quality again. The room is a standard lit show room (think curry's etc.) in the Uk and im 100% my room wouldnt be brighter than that even with all lights on.

I saw the a8, the a90j and the xh95. I must admit the picture of the a90j was phenomenal. I like the pq of the 95 but seeing it next to the 90j was just wow... The A8 was also very pleasing, but tbh between the A8 and the xh95 i can't say I favored one or the either. Both had pluses going for them.

The logic in me says just get 2 xh95 65" and with the change get a decent sound system to complement the media room unit. The devil tells me get the a8 or the a80j (a different store dropped the price of the 65" to €2300 from €2700 but its still 1000 difference which i am trying to justify)


In 2021 LG made a new panel type for the higher end. TVs like the Sony A80J and LG G1 include this panel, it can get quite a bit brighter than the panel found on the lower end OLEDs.

As time goes on, LG will move all their TVs to use this panel type, at the moment its rumored that even some C1 65" models come with the new panel, even when they are factory locked to lower brightness.

Once you reach the A90J you make a jump in brightness even more. This TV has a cooling backplate that allows the TV to get even brighter again.

Of course, the brighter the better picture quality with HDR, OLEDs are already stunning with HDR with even 500 nits peak brightness. The same cannot be said for LCD TVs that do not have per pixel dimming and generally need around 1000 at least to be decent, even more if you want HDR to really stand out.

The problem is of course value. The new 2021 models are costly, the new 2021 models with the new EVO panel are even more costly. It would be wise to purchase these at a time when they haven't just been released to save some money. Right now the value is with 2020 models, as those models are at the end of their shelf life and fully discounted usually.

Some of the prices you have locally are incredible on the 2020 models. The 75" XH9505 in the UK is selling for £2000 and even at that price its good value. The price you have for the 65" model is also good. Its certainly not worth paying an extra €700 for the OLED in my opinion.

The bigger up you go in size, the more costly OLEDs become. If you are shopping at 55" then there's less of a difference in price.

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