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Hi guys,

I'm having trouble finding a TV/NVIDIA setting which delivers both a clear picture and low input lag. In fact, unfortunately, it's not even quite as simple as choosing between higher input lag and a good picture or lower input lag and a less good picture.

Here's the issue:

1. AFAIK, only Game and Graphics picture modes support chroma 4:4:4, however both these modes have issues displaying fine details around text, resulting in black on white text (standard) appearing to have a nasty pink tinge to the edges. Sometimes this isn't noticeable and other times it's very obvious. I took a screenshot of this issue and pasted it into Photoshop where the artifact remained in bitmap form, so it's not simply a ClearType/antialiasing problem.

2. In addition to the issue mentioned above, both these picture modes display banding problems (white to black gradient created in Photoshop) unless the source is switched from 'RGB/full' to 'YCbCr/limited' via the NVIDIA Control Panel (though this can cause shimmering pixels with some intense colours). It can also be fixed by setting 'smooth gradation' to 'high' in the TV's Picture settings, but this strikes me as a less than ideal way of dealing with it.

Aside from these issues, both Game and Graphics reproduce RTINGS chroma 4:4:4 test image accurately with nice sharp text across all lines (chroma-444.png (1280×720) ( and confirm a 4:4:4 signal here: ChromaRes.png (1920×1080) (

3. To avoid issues 1 and 2, I have been using the picture mode Photo-Custom, which displays most normal text (black/white) perfectly and shows no banding with gradients. Unfortunately however it fails RTINGS chroma 4:4:4 test image, displaying the bottom two lines of contrasting text very poorly, and some of the others, which were pin-sharp under Game and Graphics, now appear soft/mushy. The ChromaRes.png (link above) also confirms the signal as 4:2:2 as opposed to 4:4:4. Another drawback is that input lag seems worse under Photo-Custom, though it's not awful as is the case with some of the other modes.

I'd read elsewhere that setting the TV to 'auto select' picture mode and then telling the NVIDIA control panel to output the signal as 'Game' will force the TV to switch modes without introducing the banding 'bug.' Whilst this is true, it appears to me that despite the TV saying it's now running Game, it actually isn't at all, as the ChromaRes.png reports the signal as 4:2:2 and the RTINGS test also matches the quality of whatever picture mode you had selected before.

It's not a problem with my set either as I was previously running a 49 inch model but am now using a 55 inch - and both display the exact same fault. The GPU is an RTX 2080 Ti, with the resolution set to 3840x2160 (native); Windows text scaling is set to 100% (no scaling). I am using HDMI port 2 and have selected 'Enhanced format' under the TV's HDMI signal settings.

I would greatly appreciate any help on the matter.

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