Question XF83/XG83 - different models, what to choose?


Hi y'all,

My current Sony KDL-32D3000 is getting old and it's time for an upgrade. I've got my eye on either the Sony XF85 or XG83, 43 inch model. What I have the found about the difference between these two series, is the XG83 has a slightly faster cpu and supports a newer Android version. The rest is the same, or am I missing something?

Both series have multiple models and it's not always clear to me what the differences are. I'm referring to:

Sony XF85
KD-43XF8505 black (Motionflow™ XR 800 Hz, 797 euros)
KD-43XF8588 black (Motionflow™ XR 1000 Hz, no price)
KD-43XF8596 black (Motionflow™ XR 1000 Hz, no price)
KD-43XF8599 black (Motionflow™ XR 1000 Hz, 745 euros)

Sony XG83
KD-43XG8305 black (Motionflow™ XR 800 Hz, 777 euros)
KD-43XG8388 black (Motionflow™ XR 1000 Hz, 949 euros)
KD-43XG8396 black (Motionflow™ XR 1000 Hz, 999 euros)
KD-43XG8399 black (Motionflow™ XR 1000 Hz, no price)
(the prices are current prices, in the Netherlands)

I see no difference between the models with Motionflow™ XR 1000 Hz. Anybody an idea what the differences are?
Also, is Motionflow 1000 Hz noticable better than 800 Hz? Or is that just marketing?

So my questions are:
- Are there other differences between the XF85 and XG83, besides the cpu and Android version support?
- Is Motionflow XR 1000 Hz noticable better than 800 Hz?
- What's the difference between the XR 1000 Hz models?


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