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Wondered if anyone can help....

Total newbe to Video cameras and i'm getting some strange fuzzy/ blurriness on my footage.

I've attached the camera to a rc multirotor to get some aerial footage, but as you can see from the clip here its not right. It's almost like the focus it not coping or something.

I've set the camera to Full Auto and set the image stabilisation to Dynamic.

Any ideas why it would be doing this? Slightly worried i've just spent £3000 on a camera thats no good!!

To be honest its not easy to see the the clips below, but when you plug the camera into a HDTV it looks bad.

XF105 Focus on Vimeo

XF105 Test on Vimeo


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Is this like a helicopter? (the audio suggest this, but I don't know the term Multirotor. Could we see it?)
What made you buy the XF105 when there are cheaper models about? Is this to be a multi-use camcorder, perhaps?
Check too without the stab on. That would be interesting.

Pretty good footage, if a little blurry, but that's a "difficult" environmnet and the XF105 isn't a lightweight. er, as I recall.

What do you plan to use it for, it looks an exciting proposition.

EDIT: Watched No 2 - got it,
=small motors at the corners! You can see how much better it is when above the trees - earlier-on you are too close to the grass so the camcorder doesn't have time to process each frame. Once above the trees the issue is the stability of the craft - it's too "jumpy" and probably needs gyro stab to fix it . . . but what a platform!.... Me green, or what?
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It looks to me like vibration. Have you attached enough dampening between the camera and the rotors?

The camera should be fine in full auto, and it's clearly not focus hunting so don't think you've got a problem there. Also, does the footage look like this if you playback straight from the camera onto your TV? I.E, could you be making a mistake in the processing in FCP? The video quality looks pretty low to me on Vimeo, although that could anything from the codec you are unpacking to (are you unpacking to ProRes422(HQ) using the latest XF105 L&T plugin?) or it could be the encode you are doing at upload.

Anyway, it's a nice camera either way which gives great quality without having to be shoulder mounted. That said (as Harry mentioned) why the XF105 for flying around? Seems rather a rather bulky option to me!


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Yes it a 8 rotor copter. Very stable in flight and ideal for filming.

Take a look here. http://blog.skypower.co.uk/

We choose the XF105 because it's light (1.2kg) and BBC approved.

Normally we have the gimbal stabilised but its having issues at the moment and we've lost the roll stability. Should be fixed next week. This video shows it a little better and was filmed on a consumer Sony camcorder.

Lunchtime Video. on Vimeo

Playing it back into a HDTV from the camera looks even worse. Defiantly not something you could give a production company!
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