Xenta wireless HDMI kit - not great

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by Steve Webb, Dec 31, 2011.

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    Bought this http://www.ebuyer.com/257588-xenta-wireless-hdmi-kit-whdi-hdmi-transmitter-and-receiver-ws-av511wh to connect my Oppo bdp83 blu-ray player, Humax Foxsat pvr and PS3 to my JVC HD750 projector via my Onkyo PR-SC 5507 pre/pro as I was hoping I could get away with not running a 10m HDMI cable between them.
    The answer, unfortunately, was no as there are 2 major issues with the Xenta;

    1) The HDMI kit DOES NOT SUPPORT 576i PAL or 480i NTSC which is the standard resolution for TV broadcasts and DVDs!!!! The only way I could get a picture on 576i content was to upscale to 576p/720p/1080i/1080p. Problem is when you choose to upscale via the Oppo BDP or Onkyo pre/pro you loose the ability to automatically identify a 1080p 24 resolution so you have to keep amending resolutions to suit the source!!

    2) I also noticed a loss in picture detail in the form of fuzzy pixels on my 106 inch screen when comparing the Xenta wireless HDMI signal vs a £12 10 metre HDMI cable. This was most noticeable when viewing the XMB menu on my PS3 and was despite the JVC projector recognising the resolution as 1080p or 1080i.

    Consequently I have returned the Xenta to Ebuyer, who have been great, and employed a plasterer to repair the channeling in my walls and ceiling where the 10m HDMI cable now sits. I would imagine the Xenta would be fine as a video sender to a <50 inch plasma but not good enough for videophiles like myself that want the best picture quality and definitely not suitable for connection to a decent projector.

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    There were two technologies competing at one time to go mainstream with wireless HDMI , one operates at 5Ghz and one at 60Ghz.

    The problem with the 5Ghz one is exactly what you have found out , it massacres quality , as it would have to do , because the interface itself works at twice that frequency it must use massive lossy compression to work , and the whole point of HDMI is the flawless HD picture , so it flopped , and deservedly so.

    The second one works at 60ghz with a 7ghz passband , so can possibly send 1080p uncompressed , however its highly directional , so directional in fact , that its next to useless , as even an insect flying in front of it can cause a massive interruption , loss of EDID , and a forced restart.

    For these reasons , no HDMI wireless system has been approved for HDMI.org , and units on the market are actually trashed technologies and junk sell offs from the companies that used to sell them for £1000 plus .... so dont waste your money on any more of them , they dont work very well.

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