Xenon 2 Megablast Review For The Sega Master system


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Sometimes it's annoying when you can remember pretty much every half decent game on most formats from a particular era (for me 1984-96) and while xenon 2 was a very commercially successful title and well liked, sometimes having a stand out feature can cloud your judgement.

In this case that feature has to be the music on the amiga version, if i recall correctly it was the first time that a game featured such a superb instantly recognisable closely matched ripoff of the original tune, it wasn't perfect (a few speech samples removed) but it wasn't far off, pretty much a replica of the original bomb the bass hit megablast it's amazing what could be done with repeated samples in just a few kb.

The game itself though was an average shooter at best.

Better review though :smashin:

Original ditty (this was remixed and had some speech samples removed for the amiga version)

YouTube - Bomb The Bass - Megablast *1988*

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