XE1 audio dropouts on CDR playback


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Got my XE1 today - very pleased overall. I seem to get some audio dropouts when playing CDRs. Any ideas about this? Is it just a media thing (there are no such problems with normal CDs).


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I also get this on my HD-E1. This is with all CD's though. Will be interesting to hear other peoples views.


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^^ yes did get a few with factory CDs this evening, but nowhere near as many as with CDRs.


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I get CD drop out with both my E1 and EX1 when using a digital connection, problem dissapears with the analogue inputs on the EX1. I found no way round this it drove me mad.


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^^ thanks I'll give that a try :)

*edit* it works! thanks :thumbsup:


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I have used also my XE1 as a CD player through stereo analog out to my Rotel RC1070/RB991 set using original CD's and CD-R's and been very happy with the sound. Absolutely no drop-out audio at all. Only once I had a "click" sound on a certain point of a track on an original CD, which cusiosly had no scratches at all. This click sound was always present on the same point. Tried it on my old Pioneer CLD 925 and it was fine.

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