XE1 as CD Transport?


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A bit of a random question really, but has anybody got any experience of using the HD XE1 as a CD Transport. I am considering getting rid of my CD player and using it with an offboard DAC.



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I'd also be intrigued to know the answer to this one. Can anyone tell us? I'm thinking about this or the Onkyo, and I would imagine the Onkyo is a better transport, but if someone says the Tosh is good, then I'll probably plump for that instead.


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There is a very useful review of the XE-1 here (including its CD playing capabilities) in this forum in the hardware reviews:


It is compared to being an equal to a dedicated £200-£250 CD player.

I've just used mine for the first time via analogue playing though a Pioneer Ax-10-AiS, and I have to say I'm delighted with the results. For me it is every bit as good as my Marantz CD-6000OSE, which will now be redundant.

It all depends of course what your comparison point is for CD playback, but I'd say that for most people this will serve as an extremely acceptable (and better) CD player.


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I was the original poster of this thread and decided to give it a go and use the Tosh as a transport. I can confirm that it works very well with my Musical Fidelity DAC, excellently in fact.




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I'm now using my XE1 as a CDP as my old CD50SE has given up the ghost.

Has anyone else compared it's capabilities with other dedicated players. I was happy to read that it faired as well as the Marantz CD-6000OSE but would like to know how much i'd have to spend on a CD player to make a noticable difference.

I've been looking at the Cambridge Audio Azur 640C but don't want to waste the dosh if there isn't going to be a lot in it.


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As a transport I found it worked pretty well however as a dedicated player, it's quite good but nothing to rave about tbh.

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