XE1 and Denon 3802 help


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I have on order an XE1, hopefully should be here for the weekend, I have a few queries regarding the best way to connect this up.

I will be using the 5.1 analogue outs, but not sure what type of connection cables I would need to go from the xe1 to the denon 3802:confused: The subwoofer is a rel q-bass which at the minute is connected via left and right front channel, is it better for movies to use a dedicated .1 output on the amp?

And finally:rolleyes: I would like a recommendation for a decent, not necessarily high end, hdmi switch as the xe1 takes my hdmi count to 3 and I only have two on the TV.

Thanks in advance for any help offered,



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Well I can recommend the thor HDMI two way switch, it's about £40 on amazon and I can throughly recommend it...With regards to the cabling I'm going to do the same but use 3x 2xQED phono connections..

Peter Galbavy

You need 3x 2 way phonos, unless you want to fork out for a special 5+1 cable (rip-offs are us). I had much the same setup (actually, the 3802 was connected to another DVD player - I got the 4306 before the XE1, but much the same thing!) and used these:


I used (and still use for normal stereo) the 0.75m versions. Fine, soft and bendable cable. And cheap.


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Thanks for the replies:smashin: I ended up using two component cables for the audio interconnects.

Dolby digital+ and truehd are really amazing:clap:




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Well I used to believe there was no difference between interconnects, but if you have a revealing system, there is. I am not saying you should spend loads on them though.

When I got my XE1 I got some cheapo cambridge audio red interconnects that cost a tenner a pair. When I compared the coax digital link into the amp against the analogue, I thought maybe the DACs were not up to the mark in the XE1.

But it wasn't true. I changed to some more decent interconnects, and now I have a hard job telling the difference. With the cheapo interconnects the treble was muted and the midrange overblown.

And I did proper blind A B tests with a friend too just to make sure.

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