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Does anybody have one or had one and returned it?
What do you think of it and is worth around £140 on contract from O2 even on a £20 tarriff?

Any alternative suggestions would be welcomed!!



Everyone is talking about this set... I might be picking up one soon!
iv got spv m2000/xda 2 with slide out keyboardy thing, and this is gona be my next phone, i cant imagine much difference between this and mine except a slightly more faster processor and 3g and windows mobile 5 but i prefer the style, and being able to hide the screen and bigger keyboard etc.
im just waiting to see if a kit to connect my wired tomtom gps receiver and holder come out for it before i get rid of mine
and sim free itll be around £600 so around the £100 mark and a very cheap tarriff is good i think
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