XDA Exec GPRS Connection Query


After some advice if anyone can help me please. Just got one of these PDA / Mobile Phones and loving it.

My only concern is that I awoke this morning to find that the phone had automatically connected to the GPRS to download a POP3 email from my ISP and had been connected to the GPRS Connection for nearly 7 hours.

Is this normal, and will I get charged an exorbitant amount for this.

Hope someone can advise / help please.


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i think im right in believing that you'll only get charged for the data down/uploaded. so it doesnt matter how long you're connected. dont quote me on that tho, but it makes sense. load up a gprs meter and try it, unless you've got any other programs that connect to gprs regularly then you should be ok.


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I also think that you will only get charged per MB downloaded...not for the time you are connected.......(Well, thats how o2 works)

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