XCard\Sweetspot\Dscaler Bad Judder


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Ive just watched a film called In Too Deep. The judder was really awful at times.

When I arranged the DScaler Screen so that I could see the status bar - the deinterlace method was mostly Video(MoComp2) but now and again it would flash up 2:2 Pulldown on Odd - which is what most of the DVD's I have watched so far have shown.

I had the Automatic Video/Film Detect ticked for automatic.

Any ideas?

Alex Simon

Was the status bar showing dropped frames?
The different deinterlace modes shouldn't create judder by themselves. (unless it does something really daft and goes to 3:2 on PAL material - never seen it happen though)

David PluggedIn

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Is it just this movie?
you mentioned in another thread that you watched a few films and it was all working fine - so do those films still run fine?



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May have just been that Movie where the judder was dreadul.

I am finding that the chapter changes in a lot of the Movies that I have watched are what I would call clunky - not very smooth at all.


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