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Well todays saga is.

Decided to have a go at setting up Girder using the Infra Red Attachment for the XCard XPlayer.

Whats the problem I here you shout.

Well I have a Home Theater MX-500 and of course I want to control all my stuff with that. Anyway I have found that the IR Receiver for the XCard seems to only access the codes that the XCard Remote can put out.

I downloaded the gml for TT from the TT site, imported it into Girder (Thanks to whoever set it up - Great Job). I then thought that all I would do is setup a TT button on my 500 which thought it was some obscure DVD. I then tried to reteach the TT.GML the new codes - but the IR Controller does not recognise them.

I then taught my 500 with the buttons from the XCard remote and tried it again. Bingo it worked.

Which means that the XCard IR Receiver is only of any use with the XCard.

Anyone know where I can get an IRMAN.

Is it just me or are some of these companies having a laugh.




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Ever the opportunist Scotty.

Thanks anyway Ive seen them for £29.00 over here.

Thanks Once again


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Well you can’t blame me, still open to offers

With the good exchange rate at the mo you should get it for less than £22 delivered.


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