XBR65X900C - Home Screen or Android Reboot Issue


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Hey all.

Was hoping to pick your collective brains on something. I am having an issue with my XBR65X900C Android TV. The unit is intermittently restarting appx. every 3-5 minutes when using Android apps, or navigating the Home screen. Here is the data I have been able to gather from tinkering w/ the unit.

- Unit seems to only restart while using Android apps, or while in the Home screen interface. I have an Xbox hooked up on an input, and the TV stays on when using that for streaming.
- Unit will allow me download system updates as there is one I need to get and the unit will stay on indefinitely on the Sony settings menu screens, but it will not apply the update after it is downloaded and I select to install immediately. The unit restarted as if it were going to install the update, but I did not get any screen showing the installation, the TV booted up immediately, and the system showed an update was still available after I went back into settings and checked for updates.
- I have attempted to perform a factory reset using the menu functions, but it isn't erasing any data.
- I have attempted to perform the Power/Volume Down reset and I do get the green light LED (then release the buttons as Sony states to do), but I never get the Android screen, or the Welcome screen on restart. I have done this at least 6 or 7 times.

Does anyone have any recommendations on something else I can try?

Thanks all.

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