Xbox360 & XP MCE VGA Cable Problem - Anybody else?


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I've got a particular issue with my Xbox360 with MCE and a VGA cable and wondered if anybody else has seen the same thing...

Originally I had my Xbox360 connected to my Panasonic TH42PX60B via a microsoft VGA cable. Xbox resolution set to 1024 x 768 / Widescreen, latest dashboard update - fantastic sharp picture via PC input on TV.

DVD's really good / Games excellent / XBox live trailers (720p) far so good.....

I've also got a recently built Media Centre PC with a few 720p/1080i demos downloaded from microsoft / some photos etc.

The problem is when I run Media Center on the XBox360 it does not recognise the display as being widescreen and treats the display as 4:3. i.e. all Media Center movies are letter boxed (even though they are natively 16x9) and photos are distorted.

Has anyone else seen this issue?

A temporary fix is to use the component cable - XBox360 MCExtender then treats display as widescreen.This is really annoying as I find the picture through the VGA cable much sharper than through component. Also the XBox DVD upscales through the VGA and surprisingly, I think it does a much better job of upscaling than the Panasonic Th42PX60 when fed through the component.

Has anybody else got a MCE > XBox360 connected through VGA with the same issue? Or is it fine?

Thanks for your help!!


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Me again....

Can anybody else with a VGA connection @ 1024 x 768 and XP MCE videos reproduce this??

If you've got this connection and MCE and your video playback is has this problem or not could you post the result here...



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I am not surprised that it thinks the screen is 4:3 as 1024x768 is a standard non-widescreen resolution.

Does it make any difference is you set the Xbox 360 to 1366x768 or 1280x720 with the VGA cable?
I know this too may be annoying to do just for Media Centre stuff, but it's still easier than changing over the cable.


I have an Hitachi 42" plasma which is NOT HD but is capable of displaying up to 1280x1024 via vga connections.

Will a vga cable still give me a better picture than the component video cables?


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Thanks for the replies...

I haven't tried 1368x768 yet, but I'll give it a go - the component cable is plugged in at the moment....

If that resolution works I'll still be peeved - the point of using a VGA @1024 x 768 is that it is the panels native resolution and only the XBox is scaling, avoiding the panels scaling as well....

The MCE Extender app in the XBox360 should know it's widescreen because the display type is set to widescreen.... the rest of the XBox app's know it is!!

Probably another one for the MS buglist I guess..........


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Stevie - I find the image with the VGA cable is much sharper than using the component cable (although the component picture is still very very good!).

To get this sharpness though, you really need to match the XBox306s output resolution to the panels resolution - so the panel does not scale the image (scaling introduces artefacts or 'smoothing' effects to the image).

If the XBox360 has not got an exact match for your panels native resoltion then there would not be much to gain through VGA.



Thanks for the info. Only got the Xbox yesterday so still messing to find the best set up.

My plasma manual list a variety of modes - vga - 640x400, svga - 800x600, xga - 1024x768 and sxga - 1280x1024. Any idea how I know which one is the native resolution?


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Check in the plasma manual - the native resolution is the real resolution of the panel used in the display.

Display's can accept a variety of inputs which they scale to fit the real resolution of the display.

The XBox360 can output the following resolutions when used with a VGA cable...


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