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Im considering buying a VGA cable for the 360 and then putting component on my chipped Xbox thus having HD output on both machines. Currently i have both the Xbox and Xbox360 connected to a digital amp via Opical cable for DD and DTS output ia 5.1.

My question is this. If i buy this cable (Monster Xbox VGA)


How then do i connect my 360 to the Amp and get dolby digital sound?

Is there an connection point for an optical cable on the VGA cable or do you loose the connection completely?


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I have one of these - there is an optical input, but the end of the optical lead that connects to the monster cable is in fact a phono plug. Not sure if Monster are the only people who make a phone to optical cable but I had to buy a Monster optical cable as I couldn't find one anywhere else.

It was around 20 quid, IIRC, but it's a very long cable...

Personally, I don't regret buying one of these for a moment, the PQ on my LCD (Dell W2600) with this cable is 10x better than with the offical MS component cable.


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So its not the standard TOS link at the cable end?

dont suppose there is a piccy of the optical i need?


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gamer1859 said:
I have the monster vga cable and cant fault it!, I know the cable is expensive compared to the joytech but as the saying goes you only get what you pay for.
I have the Joytech - its PQ is terrible but I suspect that its partly down to the way the Xbox handles VGA. The colours are all washed out and lifeless. Also its far too saturated. This is on a LCD monitor as I haven't had the chance to try it on a LCD tv yet (will do on Tuesday). No amount of monitor tweaking seems to fix it.

Just buy with caution and open it carefully in case you don't like it.

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