xbox360 v Western Digital HD TV


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HI ,
I have hundreds of gig of movies in avi, divx, an the other normal formats from download on my P.C.
I wan to watch these on my new HD enabled T.V.
I have a xbox 360 which I never use and I was just about to go out an buy a Western Digital HD TV / or live version and then I thought about whether the xbox360 can do the same job for me?
So my questions are as follows.

Can my xbox360 cope with this task easily?

Do I have to make additional hardware purchases to do this or are there software/firmware updates available which make it easy to play various formats?

Is it possible to stream the internet through the xbox360 onto the T.V. ?

Whats the quality of watching films generally like on the xbox360?

And finally if poorer quality is it that much poorer that I need to spend the extra cash?

Many thanks,



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With the Xbox 360 you would need network access between the Xbox 360 and your PC. Then you'd need to stream the video over the network to the Xbox 360. There are many guides on how to do this via a Google search.

The Western Digital HD TV is a beautiful device that has amazing picture quality and functionality...when it works. I use it for MKV 720p HD video and so far only one has played all the way through without a problem. Every other movie will lose their audio sync (resolved by fast forwarding 30 seconds) or lock up and close out to the file browser (resolved by starting movie from beginning and fast fowarding past point of lock up).

I can't say those problems are USB HDD related because I have used 3.5-inch USB hard drives and USB flash drives and both have given me the same sort of problems.

I have the WD TV Gen 2 and when it works I am 100% happy with it. It's small, runs only slightly warm and plays all the MKV I toss at it with superb quality. It's just the occasional issues that seem to happen that irritate me. I am running the latest 1.01.77 firmware as well.


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I have an Asus O!Play and have experienced no problems playing a variety of MKV, WMV, FLV, AVI etc. files.

I had an audio synch issue with live action avi's, but I think they were NTSC and were not being handled well being converted to PAL 50. Changed one of the settings and that's no longer an issue.

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