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What am I missing?

Ive bought the LG HT353SD surround sound system of which DVDs play nicely in 5.1.

When I switch my xbox or cable telly on however only the front two speakers work. No sound comes out of the rear, centre or sub woofer.

On my Samsung LCD TV there is a Audio out L / R (Red / White) which I connect to the home cinema.

Am I meant to be using the Digital Audio Out (Optical) to get surround sound?


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And the reason the unit was cheap probably was because it doesnt have a digital input.

I see those with digital inputs are quite expensive.

That said, is it possible for me to get surround sound on my xbox 360 given that I dont have the digital input?


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Units with an optical in probably start at about £150.

You can't get 5.1 surround sound from the xbox 360 unless you have a sound system with HDMI in or optical in - so no. The best you can get is stereo.

You can enable any of the Pro-Logic II processing modes on the system which will create a surround sound effect from the stereo signal. It won't be the same as true 5.1, but may sound better than just plain stereo.

You should get audio from the sub though even if it's just stereo?


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My Girlfriend bought me this for my birthday so I feel rather guilty. Do I shop around looking for an alternative to swap it for...

Or stick with it! The surround sound on DVDs sounds awesome but I have a great HD TV and I love my xbox so its a shame I cannot get surround sound through...


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Well she'll probably chuck a mardy if you do take it back, but my advice is to start shopping around, while keeping it in pristine condition so you can take it back when you find something else! It is a crying shame to not play xbox in surround sound, it adds so much to the experience. She'll get over it :devil:


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LG HT353SD seems to support Pro-Logic II, select that and use it, tbh It's not quite as impressive as gaming in Dolby Digital but I've played a few games such as CoD in PLII and it's pretty good!


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Does the LG have a digital coaxial input? I had a philips with no optical in but coaxial inputs and bought an optical to coaxial coverter from maplins for about £15.

Not perfect (just bought a new system with hdmi inputs, so much easier) but supports 5.1 and won't upset the other half.


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That's the problem with these all-in-one systems. 5.1 through the integral DVD player works (won't sound as near as good as separates but it works). All-in-ones have very limited connectivity (like you have just discovered).

If you have several devices you wish to connect to a surround system, best option is to purchase an AV receiver and separate speaker package. You will be able to connect everything to the amp and route the sound through there.

Trouble there is telling your girlfriend she has bought you the wrong thing!

I have my Xbox 360 plugged into my amp via HDMI and the sound is absolutely amazing.


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I'd mention it to your girlfriend to see where she bought it and try and take it back for another model? You may be able to trade it from the same shop if you explain that it hasn't got the connectivity you need.

The truth is the best solution with your girly as long you make it obvious how lovely she is for buying it in the first place and that she wasn't to know all the geeky specifics that you required.

You need a spare digital input and you do get them on all-in-one systems as I had one on mine with my old set up. Just go to the shop and look / ask.


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why not buy some dolby digital gaming headphones, you wont have to explain why you changed the amp and you'll probably have a better gaming experience with the headphones anyway. i initially bought some for late nite gaming but now i use them all the time

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