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Xbox360 + Bravia = Pixels!!!


Well-known Member
I've got my 360 and ps3 hooked up to a Sony 40X2000 . The 360 outputs at "optimal resolution" (1080p). It produces a nice, sharp, in-game picture.

However, when on the NXE or if you press the guide button, the text looks ****** & fonts are ugly! :thumbsdow
I can almost count the pixels. It looks as if the text & guide menu's are SD?!

When the ps3 is set to 1080p output, these effects don't appear and stuff looks smooth & fonts are razor sharp and crystal clear...

Any ideas?


Distinguished Member
I have a 32" 1080p Bravia and don't have that problem.

markie g

Distinguished Member
I believe the NXE isnt HD, my friend has a 32" (some crappy make) and the text is pretty crisp but on my panasonic 42" is is slightly pixelated if you get close to the screen but in game mine blows his away.


Distinguished Member
The dashboard is a very low res in comparison to games. It's not your tv, it's just the resolution of the NXE being of a low quality - I get the same on a 37" 1080p Toshiba. I think they partly do it to keep bandwidth low, because of the way the NXE updates. High res would probably freeze the dashboard like it used to do occasionally pre-NXE.


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if the guide etc is SD then the bigger the tv you use the worse it is going to look compared to In game footage.


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id noticed this but since changing my xbox to 720p, rather then 1080p, I think the menus look better… doesn’t really make sense but I wonder if its cos the tv is upscaling the menu rather then the xbox?!


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Yeah, the NXE isn't HD, it's in case you're gaming with an SD TV, with the amount of text in the marketplace descriptions it would be unreadable if they tried to cram anymore in.

It does bug me though, I'm not a fan of the NXE at all, it looks way too cluttered...

Rob B

Well-known Member
Odd, the NXE looks fine on my 52" Samsung. 360 is running 1080p through component.

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