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Xbox / Xbox 360 High Definition Question


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I have an Xbox and an XBOX 360, i use my modded xbox soley for watching movies and my 360 purely for gaming. I've got a new HDTV arriving soon (32" Samsung) what i want to know is, what would be the best video connection method to get the best out of both my XBox and the 360. The Sammy has pretty much every connection socket available at the moment, RGB, normal scart, Component, HDMI, DVI, S-Video, Composite.

I also have a Topfiled 5800 PVR Freeview box, is it best connecting that via, RGB or S-Video?

How would you experts set up this kit?

Thanks in advance.



Personally I would connect your xbox via component (if you have the HD AV cable) to enable the hi def mode which rocks if you are using XBMC.

As for the 360 I would either use the VGA socket or buy a cheap component switch box (£20-£30) if the TV doesnt have two sets of component inputs.

The Toppy would be best through RGB scart.

As for the TV. I have a Sammy 26" and the 360 and the xbox look fantastic on it (through component). I would say though that freeview doesnt look great on it but I think that is a problem with a lot of HD sets. On the other hand it could be my weak signal causing the grainy/blockiness to the picture when close up.


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Thanks for the advice, i've seen the freeview on on the Sammy and i thought it was ok and actually handled freeview better than some of the others sets on offer, it's like when you take a low res video clip and try to stretch it too large it shows up the lack of quality of the broadcast.

So basically i should buy a component cable for the XBox
Use the cable that came with the 360 as standard to plug into the Sammy via the VGA and use the RGB for the Toppy

Can you recommend any good leads for the Xbox?


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The 360 does not come with the VGA cable, you'll have to buy this I'm afriad. If you bought the premium version of the console it would have come with the component cables. I recommend using the official cables.

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