Xbox works on LG 32LH3000 but not on LG 47LH7020


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Hi guys, this is getting on my nerves because I don't know what to do.

I have one LG 47LH7020 with my PS3 connect and it displays 1080p

I try to put my xbox there and it doesn't show picture.

I went to my other lcd lg 32lh3000 and it works. I configure there the xbox to "optimal", "720p", "1080p" and "1080i". The 32" LG displays everything. Going to the same settings to my 47" it doesn't show picture (yet with PS3 I have no problems).

Can someone please tell me what's happening. What could be causing this. I tried all hdmi cables, all hdmi ports.

Xbox only works on 32" LG


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Contact LG tech support and tell them whats happening as it could be the TV or the 360 at fault.

If you wanted to try a long shot get a HDMI dual output splitter this duplicates the HDMI signal but I've noticed that is throws off the Xbox 360 HDMI display detection so it may do so to the TV as well. The Xbox 360 works as normal you just manually set the HDMI resolution.

This might [or more likely might not] help with whatever unusual HDMI compatibility bug but they're cheap at least so your not spending a fortune.

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