XBox - VD-Z3 - Hi Def - TFT = WOW!!



My VD-Z3 arrived this morning from Vdigi and I have got it all set up and running...

Really easy to install with clear instructions and it has very impressive build quality for what it is. I changed my XBox settings to out put progressive scan modes 480p, 720p and 1080p (also enabled 480p for dashboard). When I first seen the picture quality of the dashboard I was instantly blown away - so crisp and sharp it was night and day compared to RGB that I'm used to on my rear projection TV!

Time to load up a game, started off with Tiger Woods 2005 and nearly fell off the chair when it started up, looked like I was playing a very high res PC game! Had a quick tweak of the monitor settings (Viewsonic 19inch) and had a quick shot before trying out a game that supported 720p. Loaded up Tony Hawk's Underground and this is just lushfull. I knew that Hi-Def was going to give a better picture for me but never expected this much! Soul Calibur II, another 720p game is even better still, every single little detail is pin sharp and the colour definition is spot on.

Think I will have a bit of trouble trying to go back to just RGB again on my XBox after seeing Hi-def gaming. Looking forword to getting this set up on my new LCD TV that arrives this week sometime...

Can't recommend this enough - if you have a 'special' or NTSC Xbox, get the VD-Z3 and be amazed. BTW, the Z3 also works with any other consoles that can put on prog scan, that pretty much future proofs this device as the next gen of consoles will be more than likely be heading down the prog scan/hi def route. :thumbs:

Cheers to the people that pointed me in the direction of the VD-Z3. :clap:


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That link to vdigi does not seem to work m8, so what is a VD3? is it some sort of VGA box or something?


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I'm running the MS HD pack to my plasma (component cables etc), and am viewing HD pictures.

Would I benefit from a Z3?

I also have a progressive scan dvd player connected via component. My plasma has a vga port.


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Depends how well your device handles VGA. My Sanyo Z1 pJ doesn't like a VGA feed. When the film/game pans it doesn't scroll scrolls in wobbly steps...So while a stationary picture will look sharper the overall affect is pants. My guess would be that it's because the hardware manufacturers expect people to use the VGA feed for windows rather than films & games.


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Can anybody tell me if there is anyway to connect this to my computer monitor if there is a distance of a few meters between that and the x box (can't really move it).

any solutions? Cheers.

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