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Dec 9, 2003
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Is SSX3 in widescreen.

My other XBox games switch my tv to "wide" mode. e.g. PGR2.

This one doesn't and i'm pretty sure it is 16:9 as it doesnt look right in the standard 4:3.

\\Chris long as u set your xbox to 16:9 in your main options before booting up the disc, it should run in widescreen fine.

My other xbox games switch my xbox to widescreen, this one doesn't.

My xbox is in 16:9 mode.

playstation 2 conversion
if its a playstation2 conversion that it will not switch automat dont think playstation2 does auto switching.
Ahh, I know the NTSC version of this game is widescreen.

Cany anbidy enlighten me about the PAL version?

Well PAL SSX3 on the PS2 is 16:9 although u do have to switch it in the options.

Funny that in the options you can choose, 4:3/16:9/Anamorphic

If you choose 16:9 then the screen looks all squished as if you're using a 4:3 TV, I've got a widescreen and have to choose Anamorphic, illogical.

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