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Discussion in 'Xbox Forums' started by JBT, Mar 20, 2002.

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    Tried my Xbox through my Sim2 HD200DM projector last night, I had to use the advanced SCARt cable through the RGB/ Svideo connector which I normally use for my digibox as I am awaiting component leads (all routed through Quadscan elite).

    The audio is via Cyrus AV5 and Cyrus pre with monoblocks and XPA for the rears. speakers are Mission with REL sub.

    The picture on Halo was excellant I was not quite so impressed with PGR, the only games I have so far.

    The sound is fantatic.

    Unfortunately I can't keep the rest of the family in darkness while I play so I will have to go back to using the telly with occasional forays onto the big screen when I can persuade them to go out.


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